Sunday, January 17, 2010

Outsource your tweeting and blogging to a transcriptionist

Hi everyone,

"Social media" was one of the watch phrases of 2009. It has become one of the most important marketing tools of our time and making use of it correctly is a necessity for the survival of businesses today.

Yet, like everything else, it is time consuming. How many times have you been in your car or another environment where it's not possible to get to the internet, and have thought to yourself "oh I must tweet or blog about such and such a thing", only for the thought to drop from your mind, never to return?

Imagine how easy it would be to note your ideas down or to make a digital recording of that thought or dictate your blog post as you are on your long commute, send it to your transcriptionist to type up, and have it placed on the relevant social network without having to do this work yourself - and freeing yourself up to handle your core business, or to simply relax.

Make the most of this opportunity by outsourcing this work to me.

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Jessica Ojeda said...

Now this is a neat idea that I hadn't thought of. I've read other people suggest to write your thoughts down as they come to you, but many times that's not even possible or very time-friendly. Even if you don't need to go as far as having someone else transcribe your work just keeping a recorder handy, or better yet just using the one that is probably on your cell phone, and speaking into it when an idea sparks you is an excellent way to NEVER forget that awesome thing that you WERE going to do!