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My popular blogs, website and e-book have space available down the side and in the footer for you to advertise. (Scroll down for actual sizes)

Side Panel Square - 250 x 250    
Side Panel Rectangle - 250 x 400      
Small Side Panel Square - 150 x 150     
Footer Rectangle - 375 x 150 
Footer Banner - 850 x 100

The adverts may be displayed on one or all of the following:

There are a number of reasons why you should consider advertising with me. Typewrite Transcription has been established in the field since 2005 and is considered a leader. I am a co founder of the first Transcriptionist and Virtual Assistant Forum (TAVASA) in South Africa. I'm the author of "Working From Home as a Transcriptionist in South Africa". My latest blog Pop Speaking is the newest celebrity and pop culture site and is gaining traffic from all over the world with the incredible interviews on there. I'm also putting a guarantee in writing that I will not increase advertising rates for the duration of 2014, even though blog and site traffic is bound to increase substantially as I am participating in a blogging challenge for the duration of the year.  

Contact me for a FULL MEDIA pack and to discuss your needs. 

Actual Sizes:

250 x 250 square

150 x 150 square

 250 x 400 rectangle

 375 x 150 rectangle

850 x 100 banner (goes off the page here but fits perfectly in the banner space) 

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