Monday, February 17, 2014

G is for Gaynor

That is me! Gaynor Paynter, the owner of this business, the one who together with Alison Fourie started TAVASA, and the one who also runs the Pop Speaking site.

By now many of you have been following my blogs while I complete this challenge and I thought I'd like to share a little something about myself.

So then.. here it is!

My name is Gaynor Paynter and I'm the owner of my own transcription business. I'm a mom of two teenage boys, and a wife. I live in South Africa but believe that with the internet the world is our oyster. I've always had a fascination with popular culture, the stars, the media, and celebdom in general. I'm also kinda retro so a lot of stuff you'll see here will come from years gone by, but I appreciate the talents and qualities of today's celebs too. I co present on a radio show at Radio Today Johannesburg, and you should check it out cos we've got some awesome guests lined up. In my spare time, I'm a wannabe novelist. I've got a heart and mind for community and I serve on my Ward Committee. This is the reason why from time to time you're gonna see some causes mentioned and supported on here. I believe we must use the resources we have to do whatever good we can. And I run my own transcription business - I've been doing it since 2005. It's had its ups and downs, that's for sure. I've flirted with the idea of going back to the office and went back to one for a month in 2012. It didn't work. I never worked well in an office. I like to call my own shots and do my own thing. And I find that my ideas and the boss' clash and we don't work that well together. LOL. Besides, I like what I do. I like the variety of the daily tasks I do. For example, today I've worked on a project about Oliver Tambo, typed up an arbitration report and now I'm busy typing a religious book. I'm a mish mash of everything. I'm interested in everything, I find that most things have something to like about them.

My Pop Speaking blog is just .. something I need to do, and I'm loving it. You know sometimes you get that defining moment when you start to understand why you've been doing things you've been doing (for the past 8 months, I've been watching Three's Company and other John Ritter work in my case.. lol). And then I came across an interview with John Ritter where he said how SCARED he was.  And I started to understand why I've been on this John Ritter / Three's Company kick - 30 years after the show ended. In the interview he said how scared he was - of the world and of people and of everything, and how he taught himself humour, in order to deal with it. And I thought - wow! Because I'm scared, too. I'm scared of people, and things, and places. And of dying without leaving my legacy behind. And if John Ritter was scared, it's okay that I am scared, too. Most people are? How validating to hear it from a hero. But we can't let that fear stop us being who we are supposed to be. Publishing an interview with Amy Yasbeck about the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health was profoundly meaningful to me - a bit like coming full circle. Second only to John still being alive today and a way to say thank you for everything. 

And  now when you believe you're on the verge of something coming true... for my whole life I've had this niggling feeling that I'm supposed to do something, to write something, for something to be left behind for future generations to learn and grow from and be touched by. I've started projects, stopped them, started again, thought kak no, this isn't it... and now I've started Pop Speaking and I think... this is it. This is what's going to build the audience, and make the difference, and stay behind. This is getting an audience that can touch souls, and tweak the golden thread of humanity which runs through generations. Because here I can give exposure to people, and places and things, and CAUSES, that matter. For always. John Ritter said in an early interview that he would like to be remembered as someone who tweaked the golden thread of humanity that touches us all. I find the concept profoundly interesting, and you will find that many of the interviewees on this page are asked what they think about this concept of the golden thread, particularly in relation to how artists of whatever form can tweak it.

These blogs are a labour of love, for my sons Andrew and Brandon, and for my hubby, and for the world. The posts are all about things that matter to me, about and by people and things and subjects who matter to me. I hope that you find something here. Everything on here matters to me, in one way or another.

This post forms part of a series of posts in a blog challenge I'm completing. For the other posts, see the Pop Speaking blog.  I would love you to comment, and to share, and to follow me on Twitter @Popspeaking.


Shawn said...

It was so nice to get to know you through this blog. We are new friends from doing this blog challenge together and I love getting to know people. It is interesting in what is shared and what is important to each of us. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Jan Whiting said...

I love that you share a little piece of you in this post. I also learned something ... I had no idea that John Ritter was scared. I guess we all are at some point.
Thank you for this post, I like getting to know you.

Gaynor Paynter said...

Thanks for stopping by Shawn and Jan. It's great to get to know people. @Jan, yes, I think that fear is one of the biggest things that gets in the way of us doing what we want to. John Ritter's interview inspired me to do the things I wanted to in spite of the fear I had about them, and it's been so rewarding.

Michelle Gibson said...

It's great to get to know you Gaynor and I have to say I love reading your pop speaking blogs too.

Big wave to you from the UK to South Africa!

Damaria Senne said...

Hi Gaynor

I'm so glad you finally found THE project.

Janice McLeod said...

Thanks Gaynor. Wonderful post and observations on how life comes full circle.

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